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RBM is a fundamental principle of UNEP's operations, and a cornerstone of UNEP's efforts to demonstrate results in tangible terms. Shifting the focus away from activities, UNEP emphasizes the achievement of outcomes and impact. This course outlines UNEP's results framework and architecture to support organisational impact. 

Knowledge sharing space for participants in the workshop for Europe-based Gender Focal Points and Coordinators of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), held in Turin from 15-17 October 2014.

Access to this area requires knowledge of an Enrolment Key or password.  This page is meant only for participants in the workshop in Turin. Please contact the Gender Unit at UNEP headquarters to request the enrolment key.

Programmes and projects provide the critical entry points from which UNEP can contribute to the promotion of gender equity and equality.

This course explores UNEP projects and activities from a gender perspective and introduces the relevance of existing analytical frameworks to understanding gender issues in environmental management.

This course is open to all UNEP personnel. Please login to access the course.

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